Being a surf club located right on the beach we have a relaxed yet presentable dress code. We do ask that:

    • Footwear is worn at all times while inside the Club.  Rubber thongs are permitted prior to 8:30pm.
    • Hats and head wear are removed before entering the Club. Medical and Religious head wear is permitted.
    • Swimwear is not worn inside the club. If you are wearing swimwear please be sure it is dry and covered.
    • You do not wear soiled work clothes in the Club.
    • Leotards, lycra and exercise clothing is not permitted in the Club.
    • Your appearance is neat, tidy and respectful at all times. Excessively brief, revealing, offensive or obscene clothing is not permitted.
    • Singlets and sleeveless shirts are not permitted in the club after 5:30pm.
    • Dry board shorts are permitted all day until 8:30pm.

*We reserve the right to refuse entry at any time.

Licensing and ID Requirements

As a Surf Life Saving Supporters Club we are required by law to have non-club members sign a register to enter the premises. Non-members and visitors to the area must provide a Photo ID showing your current address. If you live within 15 kilometers you must be a member of our club or a reciprocal member of another club to enter the premises. Members of our Club can show their membership card on entry. Your membership card will also give you 10% off your purchases inside the club and the opportunity to accumulate club points for further discounts. Members of an other club in Australia and New Zealand can show their current membership card to gain entry to the club.